December 8, 2023

Updating a site: a must for any platform

As we know, a website is often more static than social media. Many people create their sites but only return once or twice a year to change a few elements. Did you know that there are several advantages to updating your site regularly? In addition to helping you always have the most accurate information possible, it can become a miracle for your SEO! Experts from SECL, who have an extensive experience in the field of website development, shared their experience with us.

Keep your site alive

A website is like bamboo. Most of the time, it can live without your intervention, but to help it grow, you need to feed it from time to time. As mentioned above, you can undoubtedly spend months without going to your site to change something. However, it’s good to take a look at it regularly. There is always something that you can improve or a novelty to announce. When a person visits a website, he expects to find up-to-date information. For example, if you display prices or services, it would be a shame if the information presented was no longer suitable. It is essential that the content of your site is always accurate to avoid any problems.

Many people must then ask themselves this: how many times per year, per month, do I have to update my website? It is not necessarily a question of time but of relevance. If you have something new to present or information to change, take your time and update your site right now. It will take a few minutes. You can also invite your subscribers to discover your new information. Convincing people to visit your website is not too complicated, but it may be difficult to encourage them to come back! Have something to offer: in this case, people will come back.

A plus for your SEO

On another matter of ideas, it is essential to mention that updating your site regularly is good for your SEO. Indeed, when you put new content or replace various information with more current ones, Google notices it. And since this search engine wants to prioritize sites that have existed for a long time but are continuously updated, you should work on your site once in a while.

Also, it is always reassuring to see that a site or social media pages are updated regularly. This shows that there is always someone behind these windows and that it is not left to be abandoned. There are many easy ways to make the site more relevant. For example, if you simply change old publications’ dates, replacing them with a current date, Google will like those articles much more. 

Some tips for updating your site regularly

You may not have any new features to display at the moment. What can you do to add new content to your website in this case? Here are some tips.

  • View your next events. Do you offer training or participate in different events? You can share this information on your site, not just on your social media. Book a small section of your website for this and update it by providing dates of all upcoming events. Obviously, take the time to remove all the past activities.
  • Have a blog. The blog is certainly one of the easiest ways to add content to your site regularly. Whether one article per week or month, when you add text to your site, it increases its credibility and authority on a specific subject. You can ask a professional agency to help you with the content, but if you want to write articles for your blog yourself, you can also go for it.
  • Make partnerships. Whether with an influencer or another company, partnerships have several advantages. First, it allows you to increase your visibility by targeting potential customers who do not know you. You can present these partnerships or add a partner page to your website. 
  • Add content. Take a look at the sites you visit, then ask yourself if your current site is complete. We should find the four basic pages on your website: the home page, the about page, the page presenting the services or products, and the contact page, but you can add as many pages as you want, as long as it is relevant. For example, you can add a blog or online store. If you have a company, you can have a careers page or a page where you introduce your team members. Stay tuned for good ideas and trends.
  • More current photos. It is not only the content of your site that can be updated; so can the images. Consider updating your website if you have more current or better-quality photos of your products. Don’t forget to add an Alt Text description so that Google can understand exactly what it is.

Hopefully, now it’s clear to you how to keep your platform alive and make it look great. Still, if you have little experience in the field, contacting professionals is the best choice: they are guaranteed to do everything in the best way possible. 


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